Acacia nicknamed Tiny is the is the founder and leader of Tiny Girl, Big Dream. She founded the company in 2012 with a goal of placing friendship kits into every school across the United States and through kindness and friendship push bullying and violence out of our schools and communities. Since then her big dream has grown, and now includes Canada and she hopes it will expand further yet and create a worldwide kindness epidemic.

Aside from placing Friendship Kits Acacia has big plans for Tiny Girl. She plans to create a company that reaches across the globe to find positive solutions to the various challenges facing the youth. She envisions a company run for and by kids each working collectively to find real solutions to the problems that kids are facing in today’s fast paced and ever changing world.

Although we are a company and NOT a non-profit organization, we are mission based and everything we do is intended to promote our mission above all else. Acacia is ultimately the head of the company and hand selected a team of adults that she felt truly understood her goals and the mission of Tiny Girl and relies upon them to handle the business aspects of the company and help her turn her big ideas into actionable goals.

Tiny Girl Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tiny Girl, Big Dream is not a non-profit. The traditional route to take for an organization like Tiny Girl, Big Dream would be to become a non-profit, but there is nothing traditional about Acacia which I believe is the very reason she is able to come up with solutions to problems that have evaded adults for generations. We could have gone the non-profit route. In fact, in the beginning that is the direction we planned to go, but quickly discovered it was not the route that would best allow Acacia to pass along her message. With a non-profit there is a board of directors which makes all decisions for the organization, the laws state that the board is to be made up of adults. In other words Acacia could have an advisory role, but ultimately the decisions regarding the organization would fall to the board. Tiny Girl, Big Dream is Acacia’s dream. It may have begun with the dream of placing friendship benches into every school, but that is truly only the beginning. She literally has pages of ideas that she wants to add in at a later date all of which are tools to help solve the problems children face today.

She dreams of a world where every child knows that they matter, that they have a great purpose in life and that each and every one of them is amazing and incredible and capable of accomplishing their dreams, not only that, but that the world needs them to realize their true potential so that we can get beyond the problems of today and truly move forward towards a brighter tomorrow. Acacia offers real solutions, I don’t know where they come from, or why she sees’s things the way she does, but she does, and always has. Perhaps it is because of her arms, Acacia has always had to find her own solutions, and she could never just do things the way others do them because most things done the usual route take more than two fingers. If she wanted to tie her shoes, ride a bike, climb trees, and paint her fingernails she had to find her own way to do it, the traditional way wouldn’t work. When she was very little I was told by her doctors and occupational therapists that she would never do those things, in fact they said she wouldn’t even be able to feed herself.

When she was two years old she locked herself in the bathroom and painted her fingernails (and half of her arm) bright red. To this day I don’t know how she managed to get the bottle open but she did and has been painting her own nails ever since. Everything in Acacia’s life involves her finding a solution to a problem on her own; no one else can tell her how to do it. When she discovered the problem of bullying and saw first hand the devastating effects of it, she did what she always does and found a solution. She didn’t go the typical route and say “just say no” or ” stomp out bullies” or create anti-bully zones. She decided to find out why the bully was bullying and help them to deal with those reasons. She was applying the same principals to the problem as she does in everyday life, and through that she found a solution. Evidence of that solution actually working come in various forms each and every day and we know for a fact it is working and it is making a difference. About a year ago she was speaking at a school and afterwards the President of the school board stood up to speak and was in tears.

He could barely get the words out and stood there for a moment to gather himself before he said “I finally get it, for so many years I have dealt with the problem of bullying. We as a country have spent millions of dollars in think tanks, and anti-bullying campaigns only to see the problem grow. I finally understand that we could never solve the problem in the route we were going because it isn’t about being anti-bully, it is about being pro-friendship, thank you Acacia for helping me to understand. I finally get it. ” In the two years since Acacia began Tiny Girl, Big Dream I have seen more grown men cry than I have  all of my years of living. They are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy because Acacia has a way of making people see things in a different way. When she speaks whether one on one, or to a group of hundreds, she has a way of reaching out and touching your heart and making the impossible, possible. All of that being said, the reason for my writing is to explain why it is we are not a non-profit. We are not a non-profit simply because this is Acacia’s dream, she knows where she wants to go, and is unstoppable in accomplishing her goal.

Instead of attempting to find and recruit a board of directors that truly understood her mission, she decided to make it a business and hire adults that understood the business side of things to free her up to handle the part she is good at, which is speaking, coming up with solutions and helping others to see that they can also accomplish their dreams. In going the route of a business rather than a non-profit she is able to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit which comes naturally to her and apply it to the solutions based approach which also comes naturally. Through her stepping out of the box of the traditional non-profit approach she encourages others to do the same,  it is the very spirit that America was founded upon and it that spirit that Acacia ignites in others no matter their age, it is that can-do, unstoppable approach that Acacia has and encourages in others that is needed to take our Country on to the future.

Meet the Team

Acacia(pronounced Ah-Kay-Sha)

is the Tiny Girl, with a big dream. She founded the company in 2012 with a goal of placing friendship kits into every school across the United States and through kindness and friendship push bullying and violence out of our schools and communities. Since then, her big dream has grown, and now includes Canada and she hopes it will expand further yet and create a worldwide kindness epidemic. Aside from placing Friendship Kits Acacia has big plans for Tiny Girl, Big Dream and hopes that over time it will become a resource which highlights kids all across the globe working towards positive solutions to the various challenges facing the youth. Outside of her role at Tiny Girl, Big a Dream, she is just an ordinary kid. She loves school where she is currently in the 7th grade and enjoys participating in a special course called Science Research which gives her the opportunity to further her interest in science, particularly Marine Biology. Acacia also loves music; she is often found singing and dancing and making music videos with her friends, or playing her Euphonium. Acacia loves to travel and learn about other cultures and ways of life. She hopes to someday be able to travel around the world and spread her message of kindness and friendship. Through her experience with Tiny Girl, Big Dream she has discovered a love for public speaking and has a natural gift being able to relate to both kids and adults in a way that can only be a God Given talent. She is strongly leaning towards a career as a motivational speaker, but at just 12 years old she has a bit of time to decide. Acacia goes through life with a smile and a song and has an unstoppable can-do attitude. She constantly looks for positive solutions to problems and believes that anything is possible for her and everyone else too!


is the incredible big brother behind the scenes. Unlike his little sister, Cade is not a fan of the spotlight, but Tiny Girl, Big Dream wouldn’t be what it is today without him and neither would his sister. Since the beginning Cade has played an invaluable role in the organization. Not only did he build almost all of the original benches, he is a constant source of encouragement to his little sister. Although he prefers to remain behind the scenes, he is actively involved in all aspects of the company, from brainstorming ideas, helping Acacia refine her speeches, photographing events, and offering a “teenage boy” perspective on things. When Cade isn’t working at Tiny Girl, Big Dream he is a freshman in High School. His primary interest is in music and he loves to play his saxophone and is considering a career as a High School band director or teacher.


Amber-Chief Operating Officer

until recently Amber was the one who handled all aspects of the business side of Tiny Girl, Big Dream, as well as playing the important role of Mom to Cade and Acacia. With the new additions of Jonathan and William she has been able to pass off some of the responsibilities and put her focus into building Tiny Girl, Big Dream to where Acacia envisions it to be. Amber currently handles the customer relations, ordering, and scheduling of all events.  In her role as Mom she gets the joy of listening to Acacia’s ideas and dreams and helping to transform them into reality. Although Amber has extensive business experience, previously working as the Director of Operations for a Homebuilding company and then starting her own business, her passion is in helping kids. She recently completed her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she was certified as a health coach and hopes to use this training to help solve the growing problem of childhood obesity, and provide parents with tools to get themselves and their families healthy so that they can have a brilliant future. Amber believes wholeheartedly that every child is precious and amazing and deserves to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Through her work at Tiny Girl, Big Dream she hopes to be able to encourage other children to be unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams, pride in who they are and where they come from, and help them to find real, lasting solutions to the challenges they face along the way to becoming incredible adults.


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