The Kindness Epidemic

Did you know that kindness is contagious? It’s true! In fact it is more contagious than the super flu, and thankfully there is no cure. If you don’t believe me then the next time you pass someone on the street give them your very best smile and say “Have a fabulous day!”Not only will you feel amazing and have a fabulous day, you will brighten the day of someone you don’t even know. I can just about guarantee that they will pass that along to the next person they encounter.

At Tiny Girl, Big Dream, we are hoping to create a worldwide epidemic unlike any other this world has ever known. We are going out each and every day and spreading kindness to everyone we see with the hope that it will spread across the nation and around the world.

Why are we doing this you ask? We think there is far more good in this world than any of us realize. For some reason the focus and attention has been placed on all of the bad stuff and that makes it seem like kindness and good deeds rarely exist. But we believe that if we can put the focus on the good deeds, random acts of kindness and amazing things that people are doing everyday; then we will begin to see a shift of focus away from all the bad stuff and back to where it belongs.

You can help us out in our mission by being friendly, kind, courteous, encouraging and helpful to everyone you encounter everyday. Not only that but you can help us spread the kindness epidemic by reporting anyone you catch in the act of kindness.

By simply filling out a Friendship Report you will be doing your part to recognize and appreciate those that are going out of their way to do good, and put the focus back where it belongs. We will add the first name and location of the person to our “Caught In the Act” Blog Posts here on this website. If you have an email address for the person you caught we will also send them an email to thank them for their good deed.

There is no limit to the amount of reports you can file, so get out there and see how many people you can catch in the act of kindness
Did you catch someone in the act of kindness?
Fill out the form below so that we can post it on our Caught In The Act page on this website. Keep looking out for people doing good deeds, reaching out a helping hand or being kind. 

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Thank you for noticing and reporting this act of kindness. The person you reported will be noted on our Caught In The Act page within 48 hours. Now it’s your turn to pass it along by being kind, helpful and compassionate to someone else.

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